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Jim Nelson began his career in the petroleum industry in 1948 as a Chevron dealer, in the Greenwood district of Seattle WA. After developing and selling his dealership to serve time in the Army, Jim returned to the petroleum industry in 1956 as a driver for Standard Oil. In 1960 Jim took the opportunity to be a Truck Wholesale Distributor for Standard Oil. Jim was assigned the north Seattle area to develop and serve. In 1967 changes with-in Standard Oil took the north Seattle market back to a company operation and Jim was presented the option to assume the role of a commissioned agent in Arlington WA. The move to Arlington presented a facility with very little customer base. As a commissioned agent from 1967 to 1980 the business grew from a one-man operation to a crew of six, distributing Chevron products to neighboring communities in north Snohomish County.

In 1980 the concept of jobbers was in full swing and Jim joined in. In addition to acquiring the bulk plant in Arlington, the bulk plant and territory in Darrington was also added. At this time Jim’s son, Mark Nelson, also joined the company and began working as a warehouseman, driver and dispatcher. In 1982 the Chevron bulk plant and territory in Everett WA was purchased from Shultz Distributing. The purchase and expansion created some changes. Mark became a partner in the business and began a more significant role as operations manager.

As the growth continued through the 80’s Nelson Petroleum had out grown their facility in Arlington and in 1988 built a new office and warehouse. At that time bulk lube storage with drum and pail filling capabilities were added along with remodeling the cardlock fuel facility. In addition Nelson Petroleum acquired the business and cardlock facility from an unbranded marketer in Everett. Over the next couple years as the business grew, Mark, became more active in financial issues of the business, working with lenders, suppliers, and accountants.

In 1991 Mark negotiated the acquisition of Fiedler Oil, a Unocal marketer in Mount Vernon WA. The acquisition increased the size of Nelson Petroleum and expanded the service area to the north into Skagit County. In 1993 property was acquired in Mount Vernon and a new office and warehouse was constructed to serve the Skagit County area. It was at this time Jim removed himself from the daily business, and Mark assumed full responsibility of operating and directing Nelson Petroleum.

In 1997 with retail opportunities becoming available Mark worked with Chevron to establish two co-branded Chevron McDonald’s in Arlington and Granite Falls. In 1998 a third retail station was added to the Mount Vernon property.

In June of 2000 Mark negotiated the acquisition of Dennis Petroleum, a Phillips66 marketer located in Everett WA. The acquisition of Dennis Petroleum was truly the largest venture that Nelson Petroleum had ever taken on, doubling the size of the company. With the increased volumes Nelson Petroleum moved out of their existing bulk plant in Everett to a state of the art facility. The new building with 5,000 square feet of office and 26,000 square feet of warehouse now serves as the company’s headquarters.